I have always made black and white drawings to be able to sketch ideas and images that I like in a fast way . Eventually the way I thought about drawing changed: it became more independant from painting and it got a quality in itself. The process of developing a drawing became almost the same as that of making a painting. The drawings became more sophisticated, although I did experiment with more freedom in the lines and in the hatchings from time to time. I loved the drama that evolved from high contrasts in the black and white. The incredibly suggestive possibilities of greys also appealed to me and made it possible for me to attain the visual poetry that I was aiming for.

In the nineties I started to make more gouaches and pastel drawings, I guess because of the colour. Certainly the pastels made it possible to experiment with colour compositions and working with gouache is painting-light. More about that in the pages about work in these materials.