I was trained in graphic arts at art-school, I rather liked it. There is a physical element to the craft and of course you can make editions. You need machines for that though and in the beginning of my career I have been moving quite a bit. So it was not obvious to start making prints. Eventually I was invited for projects: I printed a number of dry-needle etchings in Dolf Pauw’s cellar in 1986. Diederick van Kleef asked me to participate in his “Linoschede-club”-folder in 1990 for which I did classical printing of linocuts with a spoon on paper on my living-room floor.
Then, in 1995, one of my collectors asked me to produce a gift for his business-relations for which I went to Amsterdam to print lithographs at Piet Clements’ studio: “Donna me prega” and “St. Christopher”.

In 2008 my friend Stijn Peeters offered me to join his sugar-aquatint masterclass for painters at Daglicht in Eindhoven. That was a real pleasure to participate in, I printed my biggest etching ever: “Looking out to see (what stirs inside of me)” and I did two small experimental etchings on the side. After that I was asked for an exhibition at the Graphic Studio in Den Haag in 2015, they wanted to do an educational project with printed selfportraits. It gave me the opportunity to print a lino-cut in four colours with the help of master-printer and good friend Jurjen Ravenhorst which came out very well, thanks to Jurjen I may say!