Family and friends

From the time that I started painting seriously I have tried to make portraits of my family and friends. I love to study faces and that goes certainly of the people that I feel close to.

Cultural heroes
In this series I want to show the painters, movie-directors, writers and composers that had an influence on my work. By painting their faces I try to get closer to them and I try to understand them better.

The Loathing

In this series I try to get closer to people in society that made me sick by their behaviour, their attitude or the things they have done. This is a violent emotion that can also be the basis of an artwork.


In my first year in artschool our Australian teacher had us paint one selfportrait a week, in oilpaint. That was the homework for the weekend, so every monday we would take and admire the portraits we painted. After, I have been doïng that regularly, taking myself as a model for the artist in general to state something about the mechanics of creation , inspired by John Dewey. Sometimes I wanted to study the changes in my face, or my hair turning white, I guess I will never quit the habit, even though I sometimes state my beliefs in performances these days.