A Secret Alliance

Vorig jaar kwam van mij het essay A Secret Alliance uit in Issue #2, een magazine dat onregelmatig wordt uitgegeven door The faculty of In-humanities. Het blad is voor € 14,- , inclusief verzending, verkrijgbaar bij R.S.O.L, Room for the Study Of Loneliness

“Coming from a little village in a rural area with nobody around me with any intellectual or artistic ambition I felt a bit eccentric wanting to make paintings and swallowing everything about art I could find in any discipline I liked. All my information came from television, newspapers and magazines then. I studied and created for my own pleasure and felt a bit guilty about it. After finishing art-school and my studies in the USA I took jobs to earn enough money to live on, leaving enough time to continue my artistic practice anonymously. At this time I was greatly influenced by the poetry I had gotten to know. Since my first hitchhiking travels I wrote diaries and in the USA I continued to do so but now I would keep them in any discipline I could in order to gather material to work from.”

“So I started chmkoome’s blog which became quite popular. In the beginning it was rather personal with things I experienced: labels of the wine I drunk, atmospheres during a walk or an opinion on politics, but eventually I started to visit exhibitions and openings more and I posted that. The emphasis changed to art in my posts.”

“Looking back at it now I think this concept suits me as a viewer and as an artist. The attention is with the artwork and the viewer. The work is visible for who wants to see it and there’s no artistic persona in between who can influence the valuation. I want to work on my art and make it accessible in the most unstressed way possible. I want to have my ideas, my engagement with art and my own work touching and inspiring people Through collaboration I hope colleagues and I will both benefit from each-others art and interpretations. It is with an attitude of openness, respect and a certain generosity towards each other that the visibility of art and artists will grow.”