At the occasion of her leave from HEDEN in Den Haag Lia Bender was given the opportunity to curate an exhibition with works from the collection of HEDEN. In it she shows three old artworks of mine that I didn’t see for 20 years or more. I thought they were sold but here they are, still for hire!

Un certain regard – 1996 (siberian chalk on paper)
Z.T. – 1992 (oilpaint on canvas)
Catharina in Garda – 1993 (oilpastel on paper)


Hectobar 4.0

During Art Rotterdam 2020 Hectobar 4.0 took place in TENT, Rotterdam. This is a swap or buy fair for artists and collectors. It works a bit like Fitax used to do. I showed sketches for three pre-Trump portraits that I made in 2016 in the USA, in the period Obama was still president and Trump tried to take his place. I had a fine score with the works of Annique Weve, Niels Post and Jeroen Jongeleen changing their works for mine!

Mijn bijdragen aan het gebeuren
Werk Niels Post
Werk Annique Weve
Het rechterwerk van Jeroen Jongeleen is aan de verzameling toegevoegd.

Hectobar 0.4