From September 9 untill 18, 2022 an exhibition will take place with a presentation of the Artist’s Magazine RUW! This will happen in Hilbertsraum in Berlin. Artists from Berlin and from in and around Den Haag who contributed to the magazine will show their work along with all the contributions to the recent German and Dutch editions of RUW! The opening will take place on September 9th and I will show some work, though I will not be present!


Research Platforms Project

EX-MÊKH is going to participate in the coming Platforms Project. For my contribution I would like to use earlier material to add to our installation and video. I came upon this sketch that I made for the Cavalcanti project where the artist stands in awe in front of his newly painted work at night:

Kees Koomen: La figura, con paura storna -1987


Madrid Diaries

After EX-MÊKH‘s adventures at the Hybrid Art Fair in Madrid with in the background the war in Ukraine that started on the third day I decided to do a series of gouaches under the name Madrid Diaries. I didn’t finish them yet because of some unfortunate happenings, but this is a bit of a teaser:

Las almas que estan tan despojadas – Madrid Diaries, February 25, 2022

Con alma

Kees Koomen: Dividido

Back in Holland after a satisfying presentation by EX-MÊKH at the Hybrid Art Fair in Madrid life continues. In between other projects I wrote some reports about Madrid. On chmkoome’s blog I published daily reports and I wrote a report on ARCO on the Art-site for Den Haag Jegens & Tevens . I published EX-MÊKH’s exhibition at the Hybrid Art Fair on the EX-MÊKH site under exhibitions.

Reporters mentioned Con Alma in reports in on-line magazines ( Liceo Magazine for instance) and lots of pictures of our work showed on social media. The comment of this journalist surprised me later to my satisfaction!


On friday there will be a presentation of RUW-magazine at HOK-Gallery in Den Haag from 19.00 h onwards. Issues #4 and #5 will be presented and also other artworks of the contributors will be shown. The presentation will be open during the weekend. Editor in chief Hans Könings asked me to take part in issue #5 which I did by using a little performance I did in Berlin in 2015. I wrote the next text about it in my diary:

Ich grub in Berliner Boden

Im Antlitz spiegelt sich Berlin

Ich hab mich mit einer Staubmaske gesucht

Da fand ich ein Faden der zu mir führte

I will also show two paintings from my Muse-series in this show.

The gallery is situated on the Westeinde 61 in Den Haag

Con alma

Today we discovered a post of the Hybrid Art Fair in Madrid which will start in three weeks. It is coming near and I look forward to visiting the other fairs in the Madrid Art Week: ARCO, JUST MAD-Art Fair, Drawing Room and Art Madrid.
The title of EX-MÊKH’s exhibition will be Con Alma. We take the soul of the collaboration of Ellen Rodenberg, Maarten Schepers and me into the hotel room of the Petit Palace Hotel. We change it into a mirror for our public to reflect on!

Hybrid Art Fair

Hybrid Art Fair

EX-MÊKH will participate in the Hybrid Art Fair in Madrid from Februari 24 to 27. The fair is held in a hotel in the centre of the city and participants are expected to exhibit in hotelrooms. We will present work under the name Con alma trying to give the neutral and functional hotelroom a soul, the soul of EX-MÊKH!
In the mean while publicity for participants is starting as you can see on this page!